Tuesday, January 18, 2011


                                                                  एको हि निखिलम द्वितीयो नास्ति 

Gurumata Dr. Sadhana Singhji & Gurudev Shri Sudarshan Nathji based in Bhopal.Both our gurus were intimate disciples of Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaraanand, our Sadgurudev, a great yogi of the divine land of Siddhashram, a place divine even to gods. Poojya Sadgurudev left his physical form in 1998 and thus ordered Gurudev Shri Sudarshan Nathji and Gurumata Dr Sadhana Singhji to start promoting Mahavidhya Sadhanas and other sadhanas so that more and more people are benefited.

For obtaining Dikshas :
Everyday : between 12 to 1 (except Sunday)
On 4th, 11th and 21st of every month,
between 12 to 5 pm

You can contact
Gurumata Dr. Sadhanaji
except Sunday between 1 to 3 PM
at this number : 00 91 755 4221116 / 2554925/4271116

To speak to
Gurudev Shri Sudarshan Nathji,
kindly contact between 3 to 5 pm except Sunday
at the following numbers
00 91 755 4269368 / 4283681 / 2576346

C/O : Sadhana Siddhi Vigyan, 
5, plot no. 210, Zone 1, 
M.P.Nagar, Bhopal

OR U CAN CATHC ME ON : swatisharma21s@gmail.com 
    नमो  निखिलम


  1. The REAL MASTER{SADGURU}is never be a subject of intellectual gossips or passing comments...... It is a totally subject of heart which is full of love devotion and deep trust.... You just know him superficially without above mentioned qualities of heart and that's why we misses the real TREASURE of sadguru completely n remain empty handed with much disregard....
    world is very much crowded by so called disciples who did this from ages and ages.We have to face our real weakness besides our ego else nothing and never happens by any sadguru...
    And if You are ready to die in love of sadguru then don't miss a second in mortal thoughts come to BHOPAL and claim for everything u should get in this life..... just pay your heart{no matter it is filled with sorrows}and enjoy the difference... GOPAL KRISHNA UPADHYAY {sadhanagku@gmail.com}

  2. Very true gopal ji it is my self experience whenever I required anything it was always given to me by my sadgurudev nd guru maa.. Most of d times I get d thing b4 my rqrmnt ...dis is all gurukripa...may it will increase day by day jst like my luv to her..namo nikhilam

    1. true swati sharma ji. i have keen intrest in sprituality.